Krishna loves His cows and calves more than we can imagine.

If we’re going to offer milk to Krsna, it benefits the cow. Well on some level, maybe, if you are lucky. Let’s say I enslave you, I take your children and your hard-earned money by force, treat you inhumanly, and then slit your throat — but don’t worry, I’ll offer your $ to my home deities before I spend it… Is that actually benefiting the cow? Krsna’s cows are benefited by serving and being served. Krsna actually serves the cows Himself with love and care!!!! His whole youth He was personally caring for the calves and later for the cows. He was always more concerned about the well-being of His calves and cows than of His own well-being even on this level that He refused to wear Shoes while going in the forest, because His calves had NO SHOES. He told mother Yasoda that only if she made for all the thousands of calves shoes He also would wear shoes. Otherwise He would walk barefoot. So much He was concerned about them.

So what to speak of us? How much we should be concerned? We aspiring to be the servants of the Lord and we treat the calves and cows as if they are just Nonsense. We only think of our desire for drinking milk and eating cheese and excusing this by the words: "Oh the cows will get some benefit from that."

If we will continue thinking like that there will be so much suffering in all the cow barns all over the world and Krishnas cows will be so unhappy.

So please consider your desire and protect Krishnas calves and cows. He will be very grateful for all your efforts!!

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